Tuesday, November 18

Money Talks

I'm starting to realize ... there's "frugal" and then there's "broke." All this time, I'd been thinking we were still coasting down the money-saving path to the first, but in reality, we hit the second a few stops back.

When I think about it, I shouldn't be surprised. We went nearly 17 months between regular paychecks. It's tough trying to economize, still, while we pay off the move and struggle to adjust to about $500 less per month than we were expecting (and had budgeted for). Really, just how much can I cut down on my grocery spending?

One thing I've found is the sheer number of articles about saving money. The problem is, most of them aren't really very helpful. I read one online just the other day. As I recall, it was aimed at working moms who wanted to quit their jobs and stay home with the kids. Unfortunately, the author's suggestions were worthless for us. I don't remember them all, but a few that come to mind were: cut down to basic cable, cancel gym membership, eliminate magazine subscriptions, and consider paring down to just one car.

Uhm, yeah. Thanks.

Meanwhile, where do I find suggestions on saving money when you really don't have any to spare? None of this "trim the fat" nonsense; I mean, we're already cutting each other's hair, we've taken our (only) car for one non-work trip in 10 days, and I crocheted a scrubby sponge out of a plastic onion sack this afternoon so I wouldn't have to spend $2.95 on a package of them at the store.

Or how about making more money? Anybody need a freelance designer? Copy editor? Wanna pay me to design you a new blog header?


Dang, but this trusting-God-to-provide thing is tough.


  1. Oh, Amy - I get it :(

    Hang in there. Thinking of you, and praying for your peace,


  2. Wow, that's a lot less than you were expecting -- it would be hard for anybody to adjust to. It sounds to me like you are doing lots of great stuff.

    Maybe the beautiful header you made for me will send some business your way?

  3. Some of my friends save a lot of money by clipping coupons. We don't buy a lot of prepared foods anyway, and don't subscribe to the newspaper, so we don't do that much. I try to buy things on sale or in season as much as possible.

    There's always babysitting for friends' kids . . . ?



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