Saturday, January 5

New Year, New Job, Same Old Trust Issues

God has a sense of humor. If I ever doubted that, which I don't know that I did, I certainly won't now. He thinks He's really funny sometimes.

Adam has a new job. He starts next week.


But, wait, there's more.

I may not have come across this way in my virtual life (or even in my actual life, on the outside), but a part of me has been waiting for this unknown new job to appear on the horizon with a nice big salary, so I don't have to be trusting God for money every day.

Yeah, it sounds kind of bad when I put it that way. Sort of like blasphemy or idolatry or one of those other nasty sins. But, that's how it is.

God decided I need some more work in the faith department. He brought Adam a great job: lots of potential for bonuses; from all appearances, a healthy work environment; and a boss who looks at the heart at least as much as the bottom line.

But, there's one little catch. There's no salary. His total income will be in the form of commission for insurance policies sold.

That's a really tough number to budget.

Apparently, I still have to trust God.



  1. Amy--

    Oh, I'm so relieved for you--and so...concerned...still.



    I'll keep you in prayer!!


  2. Oh, I SO know what you mean. It's hard to trust.


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