Wednesday, November 12

Only Mostly Dead

My printer must be on strike. Ever since Adam printed out all of his novel notes for NaNoWriMo, she hasn't been wanting to print anything else.

I fed her ink, black and color; I've opened her top to peer at her innards; but nothing. I tried unplugging her from the wall. That got me three pages, but now she's not working again.

I really wish I knew what the problem was. The printer thinks there is a paper jam. She keeps flashing the error code at me, telling me to clear the jam, then press the start button. I try that. She sputs and starts and rolls her rollers before making a halfhearted attempt to feed a new sheet. She won't grab on to one, though, and starts flashing the jam code again.

Maybe there is something I can clean or adjust? I checked out her user manual online (since I lost the paper copy almost immediately after connecting the printer), but it just told me to clear the paper and if it was still giving me problems, call the customer service center. I'd really rather not do that unless I have to. "Customer Service" generally isn't.

Speaking of which, Adam finishes the customer service section of his training next week. He brought home another 100% on a quiz they took. Yay!! Apparently, not everyone in his class passed the quiz (passing is 85%). He told me he didn't understand how anyone could miss so many, as it's mostly common sense. I reminded him of all the helplines we've called over the years that connected us with reps who have been anything but helpful.

"And these people," I pointed out, "are the ones who passed the training!"

Maybe we should open our own customer service school. Really, if you are with a company that has excellent customer service, aren't you that much more loyal? And if they have horrible service, won't you look to choose a different brand next time?

We could make millions.


  1. Amy -

    I had some silly problem with my printer a while back. Same sort of situation, did everythinig I could think of. Nothing was working. I finally googled the online customer service helpline and got live help (it was a lexmark)and they were able to talk me through resetting the printer. I don't remember now exactly what I did, but I think it's worth calling, or "chatting" with, their customer service.

    Good luck!


  2. Ugh. The dreaded customer service. I will be praying for your printer. Miracles can happen, even for printers!
    Thanks for coming by my blog and saying Hi. I love the title of this post BTW!


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