Friday, November 21

More Good Thoughts

Almost immediately after I posted some great links last time I read two or three more wonderful posts that I knew I'd need to share. Perhaps I'll start a regular feature of Stuff That Makes Me Think.

Eh, we'll see.

Meanwhile, here are some thoughts that deserve a gander and a consideration.

Ever think about how different the concepts of "equal" and "same" really are? Take a look at Palm Tree Pontifications. Ash has a very interesting essay discussing racial identification and how we view one another.

Over at Yarns of the Heart, Jena has a good discussion going about what determines success. In her post, she shares some ideas about what success means and how to inspire success in our children.

Want to be inspired? Check out Mary's story at Owlhaven about a young man in the Dominican Republic who has nothing but God, yet he's willing to share all he has.

Sometimes, I think I could really be a better mother if I had a few more arms. Amy, who blogs at The Finer Things in Life, shares a conversation with her daughter, who suggested becoming an octopus in order to be a better mom.

Finally, I just found this great blog called The Mother Letter Project. It's all about sharing stories of motherhood with other moms, specifically the blogger's wife, who will be receiving all these letters as her Christmas gift. If you post or e-mail your contribution before Christmas, he will send you a copy of all the letters as well.
Special thanks to Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer for this one

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