Wednesday, November 5

Free JellyTelly!!

I've been reading Phil Vischer's blog lately. For the last few weeks, his new project has been this close to being ready for public consumption. Finally, late Monday night, they launched JellyTelly. It's a tiny start-up Christian internet-TV-video-game network that is, in Phil's words, "somewhere between a Sesame Street and a Nickelodeon." To hear more of Phil's words, and his vision for this project, go watch his three-minute introductory video.

Right now they're offering a free one-month trial to access the videos (approximately 20 minutes per day of assorted puppet, live-action, and animated clips) and games, including:
  • Jelly Paint a collection of point-and-click coloring pages of JellyTelly characters
  • Puppet Producer create your own character puppet by combining heads, bodies, facial features, and accessories
  • Big Air help your chosen character snowboard down the mountain, avoiding obstacles and gaining points performing acrobatic jumps
There are three or four other games, but these are the ones we've tried so far.

After the free month is over, subscription rates are very reasonable at only $2.99 per month, and as I understand it, they are trying to set it up as a name-your-own-subscription-rate deal. Currently, there is no option for gift subscriptions. I have sent that as a suggestion, and they are in the process of setting up a final (read: funded) version of the site, so it may be possible in the near future.

***UPDATED: I just got an e-mail back from Tim at JellyTelly. He tells me they are planning to add gift subscriptions and possibly annual subscriptions to the final site. He also told me they were improving the video viewer to make it more kid friendly and offer the ability to jump from segment to segment (the current viewer only allows you to play the full day's programming in order one segment after another).

Oh, and just so there is no confusion, I am in no way affiliated with Jellyfish Labs or JellyTelly. I'm just a VeggieTales fan from way back who thinks Phil has some pretty cool ideas about kids and faith and I want everybody I know to have a chance to get in on this.

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