Friday, November 14

"For born this day ..."

Today, a very special man in my life turns 35.

Happy Birthday

I thank God so much for Adam. On days like this, I make a special note to thank Him for taking the time and effort of knit Adam together in his mother's womb.

God gave me an amazing gift in this man He designed to be my husband. He gave him a kind heart and great strength--both in body and in character. He has given him a heart for others and the desire to put relationships first. Adam still chooses to love me, even when I am difficult to love. Yup, God made a pretty special guy, born on this day, and I am ever in His debt for sending my love my way.

Adam, I pray that you have a fabulous birthday. Know that I am celebrating your birth, your life, and your love. May your days be full of grace, peace, joy, and thanksgiving! Loving you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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  1. Awww, very sweet. Happy birthday to Adam. I didn't realize his birthday and Mark's were so close together.


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