Saturday, November 8

Thoughts Worth Thinking

I'm getting a little tired of reading posts suggesting (or outright stating) that anyone who voted for our new president-elect is a moron, not a Christian, or must have confused Obama with Martin Luther King. I consider Christine's story on welcome to my brain . net a much-needed antidote. Make sure you read through the comments, too; there is some good discussion going on there.

Joel from Gathering Life for Eternity recently posted on the temptations and effects of overscheduling our families. Make sure you have a hanky at the ready before reading the story he links in his post.

Is anybody else feeling more and more like we, as Christians, need to spend a little less time huddled next to the Holy Fire and a little more time out pointing the way to those in the darkness? Take a gander at one pastor's musings in The Grace Cafe where John poses the question Too Holy for Our Own Good?.

And if that's not enough for you, feel free to browse through my archives with the new handy dandy drop-down menu in my sidebar. Surely I've had a thought or two worth thinking.

Haven't I?


  1. YEA! Someone DOESN'T think I'm a moron! That's a first.



  2. Happy Belated Birthday Amy!
    Thanks for introducuing me to Welcome to My Brain! I'm sure you linked it before..but I finally went to look. Very cool!
    Praying you are feeling better.
    Peace to you all this day


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