Sunday, November 2

Something Corny

Our camera went missing. I knew we had moved it and I even found the camera box, but it was empty. Adam had taken it out to get some "before" photos of our new place. He remembered putting it on the counter top, which subsequently had been piled high with unpacking detritus. In the process of excavating, we finally found it, just in time for a little road trip to the World's Only Corn Palace.

I didn't take very many photos. Frankly, I was expecting something a little more ... palatial. Basically, it's a small event center decorated in corn cobs and grains. They re-corn the outside every year with different art work. There was a series of display cases in the lobby that explained the process. Those were pretty neat. But otherwise, it was just the outside corn decor, photos of the previous years' art, and a series of additional corn mosaics inside the gymnatorium space. Here is one I got on film (on disk?).

corn mosaic
Now I can say I saw Mount Rushmore!

I guess I sort of expected guided tours or something. There was a very nice older couple set up by the door with a table full of local travel brochures. When they found out we'd just moved here from Chicago they told me all about a trip they took there over New Year's 1957. "Of course, they still had Marshall Field's there then," the wife commented, as she reviewed the sights they'd taken in.

I did pick up a couple of regional vacation guides, though, and found all sorts of neat stuff that I never realized would be in South Dakota, like the National Music Museum, The Roo Ranch, and the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, the Laura Ingalls Home, and The National Presidential Wax Museum.

Now we'll just have to save up pennies for gas. We ought to be able to afford a few gallons by next summer, don't you think?

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