Saturday, January 30

Birth Story

I've been meaning to post my son's birth story on this blog for quite a while. Since I never seemed to get to it, I thought I'd just direct everyone over to a write-up I did on the Mothering discussion forum.

Anyone can read the site, but you have to registered as a member to comment. Or you could just come back here and leave a comment below. Your choice.

Thursday, January 21

Do You Like Cartoons?

Are you interested in buying some unique comic and animation art for a good cause?

Check out this eBay auction.

For more on Matt's story, read here.

Thursday, January 14


My friend lives and works as a missionary in Haiti. I just got a short e-mail from her letting me know that she and her family are okay. The only other thing she said was:

Please keep praying - the situation is beyond terrible.

Please, keep praying. If you are able, send a special financial gift to one of the great organizations that is working to help the people there as they begin to recover from this disaster.

But, most of all, please pray.

Friday, January 8

Further Thoughts on the Cold

The McDonald's near our house is offering a special deal right now: buy one burger at regular price and get a second for the temperature at noon yesterday. I'm not sure what the temperature was at noon today, but I'm pretty sure it's stayed below zero all day.

Do you suppose that means they'd pay me to get a second burger tomorrow?

What Does It Mean ...

What does it mean when the dew point is -19°F?

Isn't that an oxymoron?

I mean, by definition, dew point is the temperature to which the air must be cooled for the humidity to condense into water. Except when we're talking about -19, water would be ice.

So, I wonder, if the temperature were to drop a few degrees, would the humidity in the air turn into ice crystals? Would snow just spontaneously form all around us?

That would be awesome.

Meanwhile, Adam's really glad for the hat and muff I made him last year. The temperature as he'll be leaving for work is -9 with a wind chill of -26.

Excuse me. I suddenly feel the need to go put on a sweater and another pair of socks.