Wednesday, January 14

The Woes of Having Children

When one wakes up at three o'clock in the morning to one's child wandering out into the sitting room, and one notices said child is generously smeared with a dark, viscous substance, concentrated near her midsection ... what is one to do?

Particularly when said child had previously chosen to sleep on one's own plush-carpeted bedroom floor.

This writer suggests utilizing generous quantities of disinfectant, well-padded towels, and the scaldingly hot temperature setting on one's automatic washer. This writer also recommends that a tepid shower followed by the generous application of lather and a thorough scrubbing in a hot-water bath will remove all remnants of said substance from a child's skin and hair. Rubber washing gloves may be employed at one's own determination.

Furthermore, one may share one's travails with a well-chosen gathering of like-minded individuals. Upon completing one's recitation, one may gently encourage said audience to respond with affirmations and sympathetic communiques to restore one's spirit and strengthen one's inner being.

P.S. My daughter bounces next to me as I write this commenting, "Say 'pooh'! Say 'pooh'! Are you going to say 'pooh'?"


  1. The days are long, but the years are short.

    Hang in there, mama!

  2. Oh I'm groaning at the very picture!

  3. groan...extremely well said!

    I've so been there, done that...

    so sorry!

  4. Oh my goodness... It is a pleasure, in some-sort-of-icky-way, that I'm not the only one who's had the pleasure of this experience!!! :~} Not sure at this point whether it was the now 23-y-old or the now 24-y-old (boys), or a conspiracy between the two, but thankfully, it didn't seem to have effected their self-esteem and they didn't grow up to do this on a regular basis!!!! (To my knowledge, that is!) :~D Though, at the time, THEY thought it was quite funny!!! but then again... they didn't have to clean up themselves, the room part and toys that were involved in this venture!!! :~{
    I swore, at the time, that we had the cleanest toys on the planet when I got done!!!
    As a little side note, so sorry hear about your sadness and disappoint in not having a little bro or sis to add to your family and sibling for your daughter.
    Every month, my heart would break!!! My youngest is a 'test tube baby', we'd been trying for 15 years when IVF was becoming more prominent in the infertility area and we we're blessed with the success of our 2nd time through. Our oldest is adopted and he came into our lives at the *very beginning* of my preg. w/ the now 23yo. We'd talked aboaut having 3 kids, maybe even 4, but we're happy with the two the Lord blessed us with!!! :~)
    Praying that the Lord helps you find a way to grant your wishes.

    (a gal in the Arizona desert!)


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