Friday, January 30


I'm feeling blah. I'm not sick. I'm not pregnant. I'm just a little down. Everything I'm excited about just doesn't seem so exciting. The things I've planned to do aren't working out the way I'd planned.

Take today for instance. Adam has a day off, so we were planning to visit the library book sale that was scheduled for Wednesday, yesterday, and today. As we were getting ready to leave, I wanted to double check the website just to be sure I had the directions right since the sale wasn't at our regular branch. On the library home page they'd posted a big ad for the sale. This morning, however, the ad had a notice: SOLD OUT. Adam called to double check and, yes, they were out of books by noon, yesterday.

We were all ready to head out the door, though, so we decided we'd take a drive instead. Adam took our daughter downstairs as I went to grab a couple of extra items for our planned car trip. I was surprised when I got to the garage that he hadn't pulled the car around to meet me by the door. As I walked closer, I found he hadn't even started the car. I opened the door to get in and he told me I might as well not; the battery was dead. A light had been left on overnight.

Now we're waiting for the towing company to send out a truck for a jump start. Maybe once we make it to the open road I'll manage to leave the blahs behind for a bit.

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  1. Oh man. All of that definitely would have given me the blahs too. I hate it when I have a day planned out and nothing works out the way I expected. It's like spending the whole day shopping and not finding anything on your list (which happens to me often)!

    I hope things look up for the weekend.


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