Sunday, January 25

It Happened Again

I had all kinds of symptoms. I was feeling nauseated, tired, achy. I knew their origin was not sure, and yet, I'd been hoping ... and now that hope is dashed and I'm feeling rather stupid for having hoped at all. Again.

Maybe the hardest thing for me to understand is that my daughter's conception was so quick and easy. She missed being a "honeymoon baby" by mere days. We weren't planning or trying or even feeling ready (at least I wasn't).

Someday, when I get to heaven and all things will be known, I've got some big questions for God.


  1. God's been hearing many complaints from me lately about His timing (marriage, for me. I do trust that his timing IS perfect, but it's so hard to be on this side of it...not knowing when our desires will be realized. Choosing to hope for us both!

  2. So sorry, Amy. I had some false hope this month as well. I know it hurts.

  3. Oh no, Amy! I'm so sorry. Know that I am sending love and comfort to you across the midwest.


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