Tuesday, January 20

Top Ten Tuesday

I had always thought that humans were born with an instinctive understanding of common sense. Really, I should have known better. Please enjoy these conversational tidbits from the last few months.

Top 10 Explanations I Never Knew I'd Need
  1. Why jelly beans don't have protein
  2. Why we can't hang from the towel bar/shower rod/refrigerator door
  3. Why the flashing red light on the "smoke protector" means it's keeping us safe
  4. Why we need money in the bank before using the ATM/debit card -or- Why Daddy needs to keep going to work if we want to keep eating
  5. Why we won't be going to Sunday school on Thursday
  6. Why wrapping up in a blanket (instead of getting dressed and putting on a snowsuit) will not be warm enough to go outside in the below-zero cold
  7. Why we shouldn't climb onto the bookcases/stove/washing machine
  8. Why washing without soap will not get grease off our hands
  9. Why we need to get more sleep when we're sick
  10. Why it's not a good idea to take batteries out of the TV remote and chew on them
If you want to play along, leave a link to your Top 10 list in the comments.

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