Friday, January 9

My Honey

Adam is out cough to buy some groceries that we can hack prepare quickly. Both of us are sick with cough, cough yucky, nasty head colds. Vertical is a sneeze challenge; cooking is completely out of the cough question.

One of the items on his shopping list is orange juice. We've both been craving it. Vitamin C sounds absolutely wonderful. In the meantime, I did come up with a solution to get a little C and sooth our tattered throats (and it's so much nicer to drink than just water).

Amy's Lemony Yumminess Hydrator and Sore Throat Soother*

12 oz hot or tepid water (Adam prefers the former, I prefer the latter)
2 t lemon juice
1 T honey

Mix well to dissolve the honey and drink up. Mmmmmm.

*Doesn't that just sound like one of those 1920s health remedies?


  1. That is awful! Hope you both feel better soon.

  2. Get well soon! 8 inches of snow in South Bend today. Fun times! I bet you have similar fun times in South Dakota. But, you haven't written about the weather I wrong in thinking your weather is brutal?

  3. Sorry to hear you have been are you feeling today? Praying for GOd's healing and full restoration.
    Missing you


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