Sunday, January 25

Do You Suppose They'd Want to Know?

Well, it's been quite the afternoon at the Gray household. A three-post day doesn't happen too often around here. We now join your regularly unscheduled program, already in progress.

I was on my way down the hallway past my daughter's room. She jumped in front of me to stand with her arms across the doorway.

"Don't come in here," she announced. "Don't play with me."
I laughed, "That's a new one."
"What?" She scrunched up her nose in confusion.
"Usually," I explained, "you're pulling me into your room wanting to play. This time you're barring the door telling me to stay out."

I should have been suspicious by then, but I was on my own errand. A few minutes later the warning bells in my brain finally kicked in.

"Why didn't you want me in your room?" I asked my daughter.
"Did you pee in your bedroom?"
"And pooh."

I ran to her doorway. Sure enough, a slightly squished pile of brown goo was on her carpet. I imagined it steaming, but it wasn't really. Thanking God once again for the inventor of rubber gloves, I cleaned up the mess for a second time in two weeks. We ran out of my go-to cleanser, Formula 409 the last time, so I tried some Easy-Off BAM.

The bottle promises to cut grease on any number of surfaces, but doesn't mention anything about carpets or bodily waste. Which led me to wonder, if I wrote a letter to the Easy-Off people, would they add this use to the label?

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