Sunday, January 11

Real Love

I wrote the following as a note to Adam the other morning, while I was up with our daughter and he sleeping in. He was quite amused, and suggested I post it. Enjoy.

Love ... When I'm Grumpy

Love is patient ... I've been waiting and waiting for you to get up.
Love is kind ... What, I let you sleep, didn't I?
Love is not jealous ... I wish I were in bed sleeping instead of up with the bouncy one.
Love is not easily provoked ... Wanna make somethin' of it?
Love bears all ... I can manage, you just do what you have to do (raises hand to forehead, heaves dramatic sigh).
Love believes all ... I can't believe you're still in bed!
Love hopes for all ... I hope you get up soon.
Love endures all ... Even wives in a crummy mood (but trying to make light of it!).
Love never fails ... Which is a darn good thing, 'cause the same sure can't be said about me.

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  1. Hey Amy! Ya won my giveaway! Shoot me your snail mail address asap so I can get your goodies to email is in my "about" section over at my place.

    Thanks! and Congrats!


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