Monday, January 12

It's Monday, How About a Little Poetry

If you asked Adam, he'd tell you I claim not to like poetry. Lately I've been writing it again, though, so I'm not sure what that means. This one seemed to have been living in my brain for a while before it emerged, fully formed, like Athena from Zeus's head.


Stuck here
Stuck in the middle of here
No way to get from here to there
I want to fly
I want to cross this barren desert
I want to get to the other side
I want to be out of the dry landscape
No rocks, no trees
Nothing to hold onto
Nothing to grasp
There is no escape
I cry, I pray, I laugh
At myself
I am so absurd
I am here

Are you there?
Is anyone out there listening to me?
Can you help?
Will you?
I ask, I pray, I cry
I don't have the energy
I don't have the strength
I don't have the faith
What must I believe?
How can I hope?

I am here
There is nothing
My world is empty, tiny, insignificant
The universe is shrinking
Am I lost?

I can't hear you
I can't move
I can't sit still anymore
I can't think
I can't do
I can't just be
I want it to stop
I want to stop waiting for the worst to come
Will it?
Must it?
I have no hope
I am afraid
Even to fear takes energy

I am too still
I am cold
I am hot
I am restless
I am

I am
I am?

What do you mean?
How can I be?
I can't
I don't
I won't
Must I?

You are
You are?
I am
I am here
You are here
I don't know why
I don't want you
I do
I am afraid
You don't want me

Even now
You do

I don't understand
I can't
You do

I am here
I don't know
I am tired
Yet ...
You are

And we
We are

I am amazed
I am tired
I am loved
I am still

Copyright ©2008 by Amy James Gray. No part of this text may be copied or reprinted without the prior consent of the author.


  1. Oh I'm horrible at poetry but I do love to read it.

  2. Nicely done Amy. Thanks for sharing so vulnerably! I'm so thankful that He is able to reach down to us and break in to our inner dialogues and restore our Hope!


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