Friday, December 5

You Make Me Laugh

Hooray, it's my 300th post! And I finally decided what to give away. Woo-hoo!

What you can win

A custom crocheted item, such as a hat, shawl, bag, or stuffed toy.

Take a look at my sidebar to see a few examples of my work, or click on the thumbnails below for larger images.


How to enter

I've been having a tough week. Adam told me it's been showing a bit in my most recent posts, so maybe you already knew that. I could use some fun. Your mission is to entertain me. Tell me a joke or a funny story in the comments. Link to a video of you making a fool of yourself. Share with me what has made you laugh out loud.

You can earn an extra entry by publicizing my contest on your blog. Feel free to use my blog button or the rotating image banner in my sidebar (let me know if you need the script for the banner).

As a special bonus, if you actually make me laugh out loud, you will earn a second (or third) entry.

I will be accepting entries through December 15th, so be sure to spread the word. And please, keep it clean. Confine all toilet humor to incidents involving training. (Thanks!)

This contest is open to everyone, but my international readers should be forewarned that if you win, your crocheted piece will be mailed slow-boat-to-China class, so it may take a while to arrive.

I make you laugh

I'll get us started on the laughter. I've shared this story before, so it may be familiar to longtime readers.

I was visiting Cornwall a few years back, and I watched the local news one evening. They had a story about a nearby football (soccer) team that had gotten into trouble because their ball boy was wearing shorts on a cold game day. Some official body was giving the team management grief about it. I probably missed some of the details, since I don't understand UK organized (or should I say "organised") football, but I was under the impression that the big concern was the ball boy's age and making sure he wasn't working under unduly harsh conditions.

At any rate, the news show had an interview with the team's manager and he pointed out that the boy had been wearing plenty of other warm clothing (mittens and wool socks and a jacket and so forth) and he never even complained of the cold. The interviewer asked some question about the upcoming game and what plans had been made to be sure the ball boys kept toasty.

The team manager kept a completely straight face and said, "Well, if the boys get cold, we can just wrap their legs in red tape."


  1. Okay, I don't know if I'm ever going to get this one posted on my blog or not, so I'll share it here...

    About a month ago, Bantam9 was telling another 9-year-old boy at church why Obama was not our candidate: "He supports aerobics!"

    (He meant "abortion.")

    Didja laugh? :) I hope so!

    Just in case, I'll throw in one that you might have seen on the same blog I did, but I shared it with my family and now we're all fighting to tell it when presented with an unsuspecting visitor:

    Q: What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

    A: Well, anyone can roast beef.

    Love ya, Amy James Gray (that's great!)


  2. I love the doll with the crocheted frog costume- so adorable!
    Ok so this one still makes me laugh, hope you enjoy it...
    During our dating days my husband,Chris worked for a moving company called 'Smooth Movers'. Usually Chris drove the huge truck (which so nicely portrayed the company's name on the sides quite largly)but on this certain night his not so smart co worker insisted on driving. When it came to fill up for gas before heading home the co worker started backing up to the pump, while Chris kept uttering 'going to hit the pump, going to hit the pump, hitting the pump!' The co-worker had managed to take out the trash can, window washing container and the barrier on the side of the pump leaving the gas attendant with only one thing to say when she came out to inspect "Smooth Movers my @$$"

  3. Hello. I wanted to let you know that I blogged about your giveaway at my contest/giveaway and carnival blog. you can read about it here -

    Let me know if you have any other giveaways! I would be glad to announce them for you!

  4. Well, this is pretty simple, but keeps me laughing right now. My 3 year old son had a knack for letters when he was 22 months. Ever since he's been spelling things. The other day while driving, we were listening to music and I was lost in my thoughts when my son asked, "Mommy? What does BYOB spell?" I did my best not to crack up and without thinking (I'm pretty honest with him - within reason!) I said, "It means "bring your own beer." I then realized what I had said and prayed that he might not remember. After all, he doesn't know what beer is, but he does remember EVERYTHING. Ever since he's been telling people that BYOB means "bring your own beard."

  5. What an amazing gift you have those are precious. I love the frog hat and ducky feet!

    Ok so with the Christmas season approaching we've been listening to an all Christmas music station. I was singing along (which I know I'm far from on key). My 4 y/o son gets all serious looks at me says momma please stop signing your giving my stomache a headache. Yup I have that kind of magic over him :)

  6. WOW! The things are so pretty! Here is something funny(i hope):
    Yesterday we had to make a long trip(about three hours) and we got borred, so we made up a song......
    (sung to the tune of "Joy to the World")
    Joy to the world!
    We burned our hair!
    because we are so tired,
    Of sitting in this car!
    Of sitting in this car!
    We are so very tired,
    We are so very tired,
    We are so tired of sitting in this car!
    (next verse)
    Joy to the world!
    We grew it back!
    We grew our hair back now!
    We have a full head of it!
    We have a full head of it!
    We grew our hair back,
    We grew our hair back,
    We grew our hair back NOW!

    Hope that makes you laugh!

  7. Wow--I don't know if I can be funny under pressure. How about a joke? What's yellow and highly dangerous? Shark infested banana pudding.

    That's a favorite around here :)

  8. Everyone loves the frog and I do too. Here's my laugh: A "mean old man" was on his deathbed and so he sent his wife with three pillowcases to the bank to draw out all of his money. He had her take it to the attic hoping that as he died that he could grab it and take it with him. A few days later he died and as his wife packed up his things she took them to the attic to store and found the three sacks of money still there. Shaking her head she was heard to mutter, "That ole fool, I tryed to tell him to put them in the basement not up here.
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed Prosperous New Year to Everyone

  9. One day we were out in town with our Mom, and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my twin sister Katie, so I waved at her in the mirror. she waved back! I looked back at her (because she was in the back seat, we have a 15 passenger van) but she wasn't waving or smiling! I then figured out that I was waving at myself!

  10. When my daughter was little, we passed a 7-eleven that had a sign "May is Slurpee month". She looked at it and said "I thought May was Mary's month" (we're Catholic). It still makes me smile to think of it:)

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