Monday, December 1

No Update

Well, I was going to come back this afternoon and share the results of the design contest. Only I don't have any yet. I've been checking every couple of hours since about 8:00 this morning, but no news yet. In fact, voting still seems to be going on. Go check it out for yourself, if you'd like.

Meanwhile, we're hanging out on the couch watching Big and trying not to drip hamburger grease on ourselves. Adam was convinced to make homemade french buns this morning. YUM! I made some oven-baked seasoned fries. Also yum, even though they stuck to the pan.

After dinner and the movie, apparently we'll be playing soccer in my daughter's room. She's been really interested in soccer ever since we've started watching JellyTelly. They have a little snippet of soccer techniques that's one once in a while. Lately she's been trying to hit headers on her beach ball.

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