Sunday, December 28

I Do Much Better with Spinning Rides

I used to write songs a lot when I was younger. One I wrote in high school started like this:

Life is like a roller coaster
Up and down and all around
Spinning out of control ...

That's how I feel about our financial lives lately. We have no money (down). Oh, we got some money; we can pay off XYZ creditor (up). Wait, here's another bill I thought we'd already paid off (down). People gave us cash and gift cards for Christmas (up). One of my clients found another designer willing to work for free (down). Adam has been offered some overtime hours to bring in more money (up). Our credit cards raised the APR to almost double what it used to be (down).

I think I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach. Can I get off this ride now?



  1. Oh, Amy, my heart goes out to you. It's really hard, I remember. At one point dh's monthly loan payments from college plus grad school equalled our monthly mortgage payment on our first townhome, and his first jobs out of grad school were not nearly the salaries we'd expected when he started. It took years, but God has been so faithful to provide, even when we haven't always been wise with our finances.

    I pray that God will give you grace to ride the 'coaster for now...and that the track will even out soon.

    And let's praise God that for every down, there's been an up!!!



  2. Amy, I don't like roller coasters...literal ones or figurative ones. The first I can definitely avoid, the latter...well I can't avoid those and I don't like like that at all. Praying we both can sense Jesus sitting right next to us as we ride all those ups and downs. Peace to you friend.


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