Monday, December 29

Eating and Sleeping

The other day, my daughter let me take a nice nap while she watched Mary Poppins. After she came in to wake me up, I asked her if she could tell me the time by looking at the numbers on the clock. I know she can't tell time yet, but she's starting to get a pretty reasonable grasp on numbers, so I figured maybe she could read them to me and I would figure out the time.

The first time I asked, she answered, "Two-eye-forty." Huh?
So, I asked again, "What time is it??"
She responded, "Five-eye-thirty." Of course.

It was only after I'd rubbed the collected sleep out of my eyes that my brain engaged enough to decipher her meaning. When I'd asked her to tell me the numbers, she shared all the symbols on the clock; she was reading the colon as the letter "i".

Later ...

Me: Do you want pasta for dinner?
My daughter: No! I don't like pasta.
Me: Who are you and what have you done with my little girl?
My daughter: Fermat* is a boy, not a girl! thinking for a moment I want chocolate chips.
Me: No, you can't have chocolate for dinner.
My daughter: No ... the other chips, in the lellow bag.
Me: Potato chips?
My daughter: Yeah, potato chips.
Me: No.

*Fermat is one of the characters in the movie Thunderbirds, which she has been obsessed with ever since Adam found it on Hulu a couple of weeks back and watched it with her. Sometimes she is Fermat, sometimes her doll is Fermat, and, lately, she's been calling me Fermat. I try not to answer to it.

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