Sunday, December 21

Something You Can Do

Check out posts marked NICU for back story.

I finally asked my friend if I could share some more information with everybody, including their names.

Please meet Rhys and Dave, pictured here with baby Lia shortly after she was born.

I met Rhys more than five years ago in an online forum for missionary kids. Her son, Zaya, and my daughter were born just a month or two apart. Rhys made me my first real ring sling. Over the years, we've traded stories about everything from babies to poetry to computer programming to recipes, and much, much more. She was one of the first to welcome me as a part of the MK group and is still one of my favorite people there.

Once Lia was in the hospital, Rhys and Dave set up a website for friends and family to help keep everyone up to date. Rhys told me to go ahead and post the link, so feel free to visit Lia's site for more photos, updates, and even a guest book you can sign to let them know you are praying. The news the last couple of days has been very good. You can get all the details by clicking on the Journal link on the site.

Maybe it's the "Martha" in me, but whenever I get a prayer request, I am always wondering what else I can do for those in need.

When we got the news of Lia's hospitalization, another friend from the MK group was also looking for a practical way to help. She and her husband set up this donation page for Rhys and Dave. Although their medical bills are covered by insurance, they are faced with other expenses such as childcare, lost wages for missed work hours, and travel costs back and forth to the hospital. I'm not trying to pressure anyone into giving money, but I did want to let anybody who might want to know how you can.

I'd also like to offer a special thanks to everyone who has been praying. I have a request I'd like to make for Rhys. Lia has been improving to the point that the nurses are saying she may soon be able to be held. Wouldn't it be a wonderful gift for Rhys and Dave to be able to hold their daughter on Christmas? Please, pray with me.


  1. Today's entry looks a bit more hopeful, I'm glad to see...

  2. I'm joining you in prayer, Amy!!

    And sending wishes westward...for a blessed Christmas for you all...from all of us!

    Love and good cheer--



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