Tuesday, December 23

Merry Christmas Adam

Once upon a time, I read a magazine article that listed the most popular family words and phrases in the country. One of them was "Christmas Adam" referring to the day before Christmas Eve, as Adam was created before Eve.

I haven't written too much about real life lately. Mostly because not much has been happening. I'll share a few highlights of the past couple of weeks.
  • I met some neighbors
  • Unfortunately the circumstance of the meeting was a burst pipe in our building, four floors of flooding, three false-alarm fire drills, two emergency calls to Adam, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • God sends stock, too
  • Last spring sometime, I was talking with a friend about finances and not having enough money to pay the bills. She told me about an anonymous envelope she'd found in her mailbox with $500 cash. "We've been praying for the money we need," she told me, "but I didn't realize God sends cash!"

    The other evening, Adam brought in the mail. One item was a dividend check from a stock that was supposed to have been sold off two years ago. Only, for some reason it hadn't been. So I looked at what I needed to do to sell it. There's $50 more dollars to put in the bank that we didn't have before!

  • I got a phone call
  • One of my good friends from Illinois called a few nights ago. We were able to talk on the phone for almost an hour. It was so nice. Unfortunately, it ended rather abruptly when my daughter woke up from a bad dream, but the conversation was great. We've decided to make it a monthly event!

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  1. I'm glad you had some happy events and one partly-happy one. Is the flooding all fixed? And the fire was completely a false alarm?

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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