Wednesday, December 17

In Which I Announce the Contest Winner

Congratulations to Danielle from Two-third's Red! Danielle has chosen for her prize a small crocheted doll wearing a doggy hood and paws--a gift for her daughter. I'll post updates as I'm working on it so she, and all of you, can watch the project progress.

So far, the only progress I've made is to look at patterns. I am inspired by these patterns I found on Ravelry (you can see pictures if you click on the links):

Morgan - Unisex Amigurumi Baby Doll (PDF) by Rowena Holt
Peach Delight Baby Doll Dress by Christina Budd
Baby Girl Sleeper Set by Abigail Goss
LollyPup by Rachel Crowthers
Dog/Puppy Doll by Ally W. (I can't seem to get the pattern to load, so I'm linking to a photo from someone who made the doll)

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  1. I'm so excited I won! Love the pictures you linked to in this post, all of them are very cute. Thanks again!


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