Saturday, December 27

Tell Me About Facebook

I keep hearing more and more about Facebook: how much fun it is, how great it is for getting back into contact with people you haven't talked to for years, how I am invited to join this group or that group or make someone my friend.

Only, the Facebook people have set it up so I can't just take a test drive and look around, I have to sign up for the site in order to see anything. This bugs me.

Those of you who do Facebook, can you tell me what it's like? I have a couple of specific questions, but mostly, I'm just wanting to know your experience about how it all works.
  1. Do you use your real name or choose a screen name?
  2. How do groups work? Is there a section with message boards or do group messages show up on your profile page?
  3. What information do you put on your profile page? What is required? What is optional?
  4. Why do you use Facebook? How do you feel it enhances your life?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on any or all of these issues!


  1. Hi Amy, I joined FB a few months back so I'm a newbie. I can't answer all your questions but here are the ones I CAN answer

    1. You use your real name....that way people can search for you from your past. A few friends from high school found me

    2. No knowledge about groups

    3. I think you can put as much or as little info on your profile page as possible. You can put your birthday or date... you can share your marital status, political, religious views or not. There are other levels of your profile too (favorites etc)
    You have total control.

    4. Honestly, I joined because people were nagging me too. Some people are on it all the time and tell you what they are doing right at the moment. I don't utilize it much, but one thing I like is that it's easy to share and see pictures...that's great expecially if a baby is born etc....

  2. I'm on Facebook, but I'm definitely a novice. A few answers for ya:

    1. Real name. I don't feel like there's much of a security risk since no one can see my profile unless I approve them. When I search for someone's name, I get a photo and location, and then they have to approve me before I can go futher.

    2. I don't know about groups either.

    3. Profile is up to you. Not demanding, pretty easy.

    4. I don't think Facebook necessarily enhances my life, although just in the past week I've run across a few friends that I'd misplaced over the years.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Amy,
    I actually have two facebook accounts. I've had my regular one for a couple of years and I keep up with so many friends on it, especially a whole bunch of college friends I hadn't seen in 10 years. I love it. I keep everything set on private and only approve friends I really know. I started another one under a different name this year to use with specific blogger friends. I don't have very much personal info on that one but I use it to share photos and more intimate info than I might on my public blog. It has been really cool using that as a tool to connect with other bloggers. I'd be glad to answer any FB questions you might come up with! Just send me an email. I think Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people. Remember, you only have to be as involved as you want!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I love Facebook! In the time it would take me to make one phone call (which I wouldn't make) or write one email (which I probably wouldn't write either) I can atleast keep tabs with things that are going on with a lot of people. I am using my real name, otherwise no one would find me (its already a bit of a challenge for older acquaintences since I use my married name and choose not to include my maiden will know why. I do keep my profile set on private so only my friends can see my info and I only approve friend requests from people I actually know. I've gotten in touch with people I haven't talked to in years and I particularly enjoy the chance to see pictures of friends and their families I haven't had the chance to meet. I would go ahead and register for an account, friend a few people, look at what they have on their sites and see if you like it. Some people are on every day, include lots of info in their profile and update often - other list very little info, log in on occasion and post infrequently and it is all ok, so its pretty flexible.
    Hope that is helpful and hope you are all doing well!


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