Sunday, December 14

Pretend that He's a Circus Clown

Winter arrived today. I'd always thought the first day of winter was December 21. Silly me.

Yesterday, the high was 39° and it was sunny out.

Today was overcast and COLD. The wind chill was below zero. Right now, just before midnight, the actual temperature is -4° with a wind chill of 30° below zero.

Tomorrow, the forecasted high is -6° with a wind chill of -20°. Mind you, that's the WARMEST it will be all day.

Remind me why we moved to this frozen wasteland???

On the plus side, it's supposed to warm up on Tuesday. They're calling for a high of 5° with a wind chill of just -7°. Oh, and it's supposed to snow.

I better get back to work on the winter hat I'm making Adam. He'll need it tomorrow.

Winter wonderland, indeed! Brrrr ...

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