Friday, February 13

Remember That Doll?

You may recall I had that contest and the winner wanted a crocheted doll for her daughter. I mentioned that I would keep everyone updated on the progress of said doll. My bad.

I finished her about a month ago. I think she turned out pretty cute.

The doll's body and dress are based on patterns I found on Ravelry (here and here, respectively). I used the same shell stitch for the slippers that is in the skirt, but otherwise didn't follow any particular pattern for those. The hood and mitts I made up as I went along (and forgot to keep notes again, sorry).

All it all it was a lot of fun. I'd made a few stuffed animals before, but never a doll. I really dislike tying ends in and sewing pieces together, so I've been thinking about how I might be able to cut down on the number of seams required by the pattern above. I especially liked making the doll's clothes and accessories. There is just something wonderful about small projects that can be completed in one sitting; it does wonders for my instant gratification cravings.

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