Friday, February 20

In Which I Babble Like a Brook

Adam's new work schedule started this week. Now, rather than working eight hours a day Sunday through Thursday, as he has been since the end of December, he's working 10-hour days Friday through Monday. It's been a very strange week so far. On the plus side: he now gets three scheduled days off each week rather than two, the pay is slightly higher, and we have plenty of regular working hours to take care of personal business. The only negatives I've seen so far are that we've now lost our whole weekend (and all it's associated social activity), and the days he works can get pretty long. Overall, I think we come out on the positive side of things, or will, once we get used to it.

One of the pieces of personal business we were able to take care of this past midweek was a visit to the eye doctor. Both Adam and I are waiting for a trial pair of contacts. Wa-hoo! I haven't worn contacts regularly in several years, but I've been missing them lately. Now that we have good vision insurance, I'm excited to get some new lenses.

I've been getting behind in my book reviewing. Are you all reading and appreciating them, or should I just offer the list and the smilies? Right now I'm four books behind. If there is great interest, I'll be happy to make the effort to keep reviewing, but if not ... well, to the best of my knowledge, there aren't any health benefits to book reviews. Unless you're reviewing a book about good health, I suppose.

The last couple of years, I've been thinking I need to muster up a greater appreciation for sports besides football. I find myself set rather adrift after the Superbowl, not really knowing what to do with my Sunday afternoons. For several years I tried to like hockey, but I just didn't understand enough of it to make it really interesting. Basketball is okay. It's probably my second-favorite, but the score changes too fast. Maybe I should just stick to football and consider the rest of the year "Crochet Season" where I pop in a movie on Sunday afternoon and work on my crafting.

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  1. Something about me and my husband's genes have produced kids with bad eyesight, they all wear glasses.


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