Monday, February 2

I Think She's Just About Got It

My daughter and I were watching the movie Look Who's Talking today. At one point after the birth scene she looks at me and asks, "Do babies come out people's vulvas?" I say they do.

"Not all babies come out vulvas."

"No? Where do those babies come from?"

"Some babies come out of tummies."

"And how does that happen?"

She thinks for a moment, then responds "They have a doctor."

I ask, "The baby comes out of your tummy if you have a doctor?"

Vigorous nodding, "Yes."

Laughing, "And if you have a midwife, the baby comes from your vulva?"



  1. Amy, but she WAS right, cute little thing, sure she meant babies who couldnt born naturally. I have 2 grown up kids, and I told myself never tell them a lie, so the question will come, Does Santa exist?, never prepared for that questions yet (3-4 yo), "Yes, he is real, in kids imagination". They were happy, so did I, phew!, or my daughter came with a question, Mom what does it means "voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir"?, she learned english as a mother tongue, (I live in Chile, my kids, well the world is now their home), and she knew I could understand that. In english that means "do you want to go to bed with me tonight?, at that time she was 10 yo. Me?, something between red or green, I answered, but the next semester she was learning french as well, I think she saw me so embarrased. So, be prepared to answer that kind of questions or comments, lol, it was later on a joke betwen a french girlfriend and me. I recorded their voices playing, singing, and now I listen them, such motivated kids, at the age of 2, they were able to count, some easy spelling (spanish, as my english as you have noticed is like a Tarzan one), and no, even they are smart, all kids are now. Enjoy now her, they grow so fast, and, well thanks for sharing your motherhood and so cute pattern,
    Ruth in Chile.

  2. So cute! I can't wait til my little one and I can have such conversations!


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