Sunday, February 22

The Songs They Sing in Sunday School

As all the parenting books tell me, I am my child's first teacher. As we plan to homeschool, I've often thought of myself as being my child's only teacher. I realize today just how wrong that concept is.

Since she was about 18 months old, our daughter has participated in Sunday School classes. To a greater or lesser degree, each of the classes she's attended have been age appropriate, theologically sound, and empirically accurate. Today, those lesser limits may have been stretched down a bit.

Driving home from church, I was treated to a song they apparently learned in Sunday School this morning, sung to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round."

The bears in the jungle say
'Thank You, Lord'
'Thank You, Lord'
'Thank You, Lord'
Roar, roar, roar

And on that last line, she put her little hands up and flexed her fingers as if to make bear claws of her fingernails.

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