Monday, February 9

That Must Have Been One Awful Shelving Blunder

Okay, I'm weird, but I thought this was really funny. We'll start with the back story as that probably makes it funnier.

I'm working on the computer ... well, mostly just goofing off at this point ... and my daughter is flipping through the channels on the TV (she loves playing with buttons and making stuff happen). I notice as she goes by a couple of networks that President Obama is on. Since it's not a news hour, I surf to Google News and find out he's holding a press conference about the stimulus plan. I click on the CNN coverage. The page I go to has a list of the most popular news stories on the sidebar. The top one reads Liberians facing mass deportation, which isn't funny at all, except that I read it to say Librarians were being deported!

I just couldn't imagine what the librarians could have done to elicit that sort of response from the government.


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