Sunday, February 1

It's a Lot More Fun ...

... to go to a Superbowl party when you don't spend the majority of your time chasing an almost-four year old.

This afternoon and evening my brother's church hosted a potluck and showed the game on the big screen in the sanctuary. They had a bingo game planned for the kids, but the concept was unfamiliar and a bit too advanced for my daughter. She played for about six minutes at the start and another five minutes later on, but overall, the activity which seemed most appealing to her was running in circles or up and down the rows of chairs. I seemed to spend most of my night settling on the floor to watch another 30 seconds of the game just to clamber back up to make sure she wasn't getting herself (or anybody else) into trouble. Sitting on the floor, and getting off the floor, is a lot more difficult at my age than it is at hers.

We left in the middle of the third quarter. I'm glad we did. Watching the back-and-forth touchdown-for-touchdown ending to the game was much more enjoyable alone on my couch, knowing that, even if my daughter wasn't in my line of sight, she couldn't be too far away. There are a lot fewer options for causing trouble and a lot less stuff she can break here than they have at the church.

"Congrats" to all the Pittsburg fans. "Good game" to all the Cardinals fans. And for all the rest of us ... here's to a short off-season!

Go Bears!

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