Monday, February 16


Yup. It's that time again. My little girl is getting bigger by the minute. In fact, she grew an entire inch in just the last month! No wonder she's been so hungry.

Today she turns four years old. Sigh. Where is her childhood going?

This morning she got special birthday cinnamon bread. We have collected some treats for her birthday outing, which will happen sometime next week. She'll have two tokens to spend on video games at her favorite burger joint and quarters enough for two or three rides at the mall. She'll also be getting a gift card in the mail from her grandparents, so we're going to take her shopping and she can pick out some new clothes and toys and pay all by herself.

I was hoping that we would have had a chance to make some friends for her by now, but we're still looking for a church and we haven't found any kids community groups to join yet. She's requested a purple hippopotamus party, so maybe we can do that in the summer after we're a bit more involved and have connected with some new friends.


  1. A purple hippopotamus party? Wow! Is that her own idea or some cartoon I don't know about?

    Hope you have a happy day!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday--from all of us, but especially her partner-in-fourness!

    It is so hard to believe.



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