Friday, April 10

FOs = Flying Objects?

There is a crafting term I have recently come across that took me several sightings to identify (puns entirely intended). For the record, FO stands for "finished object" and is generally seems to be used when showing off pictures of items one has completed. I have also seen UFO used for "unfinished object."

Today, I'm all excited about one of my long-time UFOs becoming an FO. I've been working for months on a lacy sweater for my daughter. Finally, a couple of days ago, I realized that I would never finish it and I frogged the thing. For those non-yarn-users, that means ripping out the stitches, because "rip it" sounds so much like "ribbit," or so I've been told. I started a new project that I'd made once before ... sort of.

Remember the doll I made a few months back for my 300th post contest? Well, the dress that doll was wearing, I patterned after an infant sleeper I'd found on Ravelry.

This week, I decided to make the pattern again, only as a shirt rather than a dress, and big enough to fit my daughter. I had to frog almost the entire project after I was just about finished with it because I'd miscalculated the shells (the bottom ruffly part) the first time. It was frustrating, but I think the end result is well worth the extra work. After tying in the ends, I had her try it on one last time for photos. She hasn't taken it off yet.

It matches so nicely with the gloves and the camo pants, don't you think?

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  1. Wow Amy - that's really pretty! I love it :)


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