Saturday, April 11

Knitting with a Crochet Hook

File this under things I never knew were possible. Apparently there is a company called Amazing Yarns that makes crochet hooks with a small hole in the end through which you thread some string which allows you to crochet, knit, and tat all with the same tool.

After seeing some examples of the knitted projects, I had to try it out. Well, okay, I mocked up a homemade version because you know I couldn't wait for them to ship one from California. It really works. Stockinette, garter, knitting in the round--this is so cool! I have got to add these to my wish list.

I wonder if I could make cables. Hmmm ... must go play more.


  1. Interesting. Sounds similar to being able to crocheknit/afghan stitch/tunisian stitch w/ the double ended crochet hook i bought :)

  2. THere is a yahoo group specifically for knitting with a crochet hook. There is tutorials available


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