Saturday, April 4

Contest Links

It's snowing outside. We're under a winter storm advisory (wait, they've upgraded us since I checked last) blizzard warning through tomorrow afternoon. Apparently somebody didn't get the message about it being SPRING. Sigh. On to happier topics ...

For Writers

Do you read Scribbit? I can't remember how I first found Michelle's blog, but I would guess it was through the Thursday Thirteen meme (which is apparently down for the count). In any case, she holds this writing contest every month. I entered once before, but, sadly, didn't win.

This month the topic is "Mom." Finally, a subject on which I have some serious posts! This month's prize is a custom-made glass pendant from Glitzy Glass Stars.

You can join the fun, too. Just check out the instructions here.

For Music Lovers

The Roseville String Ensemble is an amateur orchestra based in the Twin Cities area funded almost entirely by donations. At present, they do not have the funds to continue into the 2009-2010 season. One of their members has set up a unique fundraising drive on her blog: She's having a drawing for three fabulous yarn and accessory giveaways. To enter, all you must do is comment; of course, all commenters are highly encouraged to make a donation to the ensemble.

Check out the details here and consider supporting this unique group.

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