Tuesday, April 28

Audio Books

Do you "read" audio books? Our library subscribes to an online service that allows me to download hundreds of audio books just by using my library card. I'm not sure I really like the idea, though.

On a convenience level, it would be great to listen to a book while I crochet or do housework or my hands are otherwise occupied. But I'm not sure how I feel about being read to. It seems strange to me.

Those of you with experience in this area, what do you like or dislike about audio books? Does it work better for some genres than others? Did you find it distracting to listen to someone speaking, telling a story, rather than listening to, say, music?

Any suggestions for a particular book or author I should listen to first?


  1. I've only "read" one. I had a free one when I got my mp3 player. I did like being able to listen while i was doing housework because i was being entertained but i KNOW i missed things cuz I would "trance" out and not really be listening. I'm not an auditory person though so that may be part of it. I would, however, LOVE to have the Twilight series in audio form so i can continue to be connected to the story even when I can't sit and read. Then again i've already read them and know the story so even in a "trance" state i wouldn't be missing anything.

  2. PS Why didn't I think about the library for the audio books????? That's brilliant!

  3. I love audio books! My drive to work is 25 minutes without traffic and on some bad days it would take an hour with lots of snow. The stories definitely helped to make me want to be in the car. I've "read" Hoot, Little Women, The lord of the ring series, the yada yada prayer group series, The Harry Potter books, and I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting. I should find some child care books now to start on...if I only had time to get to the library.

  4. Amy -

    I like audio books for car rides, not much else though. For the kids, I try to find audion books that are awkward to read out loud. For instance, their is a version of Robin hood that has such old language that when I tried reading it aloud, I was stumbling over a lot of it. We found that one on audio, and Charlie listened to it on a road trip. Also, if tehre is a book the kids particularly enjoy, but I don't want to keep rereading to them (ie, The Chronichles of NArnia) the will listen to it on audio. Two especially good audio books, which I have recommended over and over are, "The Indian in the Cupboard", read by the author. Our entire family LOVED this book! And "Tales from 26 Fairmount Street", also read by the author. I would recommend these to anyone.

    For adult audio books, I agree with a previous commentator, I find that I do tend to go into a trance, missing some of the story. I have only listened to 3 audion books in the last 5 years or so, versus the hundreds of books I have actually read. I brought them along on a long road trips, because I get car sick if I read while moving. Sorry for the 'novel" - hope this helps!

  5. Holy cow, I should have proof read my previous post - there is a "audion" that should be "audio" and a "their" which should be "there". Eeek!!

  6. Tons of other typos, too :( That's what I get for NAK-ing (nursing at the keyboard...)


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