Saturday, April 18

Since It's Spring

It is definitely spring. The green is beginning to come back to the grass and trees, the weather is no longer dropping below freezing during the day, and the sun is finding time to regularly hide behind rain clouds.

That being the case, today seems a perfect day for Spring Cleaning. Our focus this spring is to simplify our lives and our household. No more boxes and boxes of junk we're saving just because. If an item does not have a specific purpose, out it goes.

Who came up with this idea? Oh, right. Me. Sometimes it's very had to be a crafty, practical person. My creative side wants to save every little bit because it might someday prove useful. My practical side wants to clear out the closet for what we know is useful everyday, like, say, clothes and shoes.

One part of my truly understands that I don't need to save ticket stubs from movies I saw in high school. Another part of me keeps claiming I'm going to put them in a scrapbook. After nearly 20 years, I'm guessing these scrapbooks aren't ever getting done. Bring on the trash bags!

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