Wednesday, April 22

What Do You Love about Being a Mom (or Dad)?

This has been a tough week parenting for us. Our daughter has now learned how to reach all of the places in the house where we previously stored things that she wasn't supposed to touch. The top of the refrigerator? Gone. The high shelves in the closet? Gone. The rack above the washing machine? So gone.

She's gotten into the paints (twice) and applied handprints to her bedroom wall, floor, and window. She's taken a new roll of toilet paper out from under the sink and unrolled it into the toilet. She opened up boxes of Christmas decorations, throwing most of the ornaments on the floor and cutting others up with the pinking shears.

It's been a tough week.

I need some help remembering why it's great to be raising kids. If you are a parent, or if you want to be someday, or if you know parents, can you leave me a comment? Help me refocus on the wonderful aspects of raising another generation.

Thank you.

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  1. Their little hands, touching your cheek, saying, "I love you, Mama".

    Amy - the days are long, but the years are short. Mary has figured out the cabinet locks :( I so get you - hang in there - this, too, shall pass.


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