Friday, April 17

Thngs that Make Me Go Hmmm ...

  • The temperature has been in the low- to mid-60s for the past couple of days. I have the windows open and as the sun has gone down, it's actually starting to feel a bit chilly sitting here in a t-shirt. Outside, I can hear my neighbors' A/C unit running.
  • I live in the largest city for about 200 miles in any direction. Sioux Falls has a science museum, a zoo, three professional sports teams, a major university, two hospitals, and a number of multinational corporations. When I step outside, I smell cows.
  • My computer's been acting up lately. If I turn it off overnight, it doesn't like to turn back on in the morning. If I leave it running all night, it works fine.
  • We went out to dinner the other night with a gift card to the Olive Garden. My daughter ordered spaghetti with meat sauce. She only ate about half of her spaghetti, but insisted on a second, then a third, serving of salad.
  • Adam and I have an anniversary coming up next month. We'll have been married for five years on May first. I looked up the traditional wedding gift list for inspiration. Year 5 = Wood. The "modern" traditional gift? Silverware.

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  1. Happy early anniversary! We'll celebrate our 10 year at the end of June. :) As for Olive Garden I LOVE to go and get the all you can eat soup, salad, and breadstick lunch. It's my fave.


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