Wednesday, January 10

Working More?

Recently I was asked to consider working from home on an interim basis for an organization I worked for once upon a time, many moons ago. The position I used to be in is currently vacant and the director (he's new since I left) wants to know if I can step in and pick up some of the slack while they try to find somebody new.

I can't decide if I am interested in this offer or not. Most of the "slack" I'd be picking up consists of basic data entry--my least favorite part of that job, back when I worked in their office.

And, I've discovered it's a lot harder to work from home than I had counted on. I currently do some web design at home (there's a link to the site I design on my sidebar). It's often a struggle to balance spending time with my daughter and getting stuff done that I'm being paid for.

I find it especially difficult to find focus when my attention is constantly being pulled away from the computer and toward a small screaming person who jumped halfway out of her high chair, then got stuck (yes, she did that this very afternoon).

This morning, I was reading a section of Knowing God's Will. He was talking about a business consultant whose only advice to his executive client was, "Do one thing at a time." I had to laugh. If only I was allowed the pleasure of doing just one thing at a time!

I read about a medical study that was done once, scanning men's and women's brains while they worked out solutions to various problems. The researchers found that men tended to only use one side of their brain at a time, while women worked from both sides at once. At the time (in college), I merely laughed and suggested this was why women were smarter than men.

Now that I've been out of college for more years than I care to remember, I think God made us that way on purpose. Women in many circumstances are much more likely to be subjected to the various demands of husband, children, housekeeping, and cleaning up after the dog, all while trying to cook dinner. We need every brain cell we can get!

Meanwhile, I'm still deciding about this temporary job offer. We could use the money. I'm just not sure it's worth the stress.

Pray with me, would you?


  1. I tried working from home at one point and it was tough. (Though I had THREE little people then--it only lasted 6 months. It was 5 hours a week, probably.) The extra $ helps though....

    Praying for your decision!


  2. That is a tough decision to make. It sounds nice but would it actually work out? You could always see if there is a Mther's Day Out program that you could get your child in for a few hours a week so that you have some quiet time. She would probably enjoy being around the other kids.

  3. I'm praying. It is very hard to work from home, but we moms are pretty good at multi-tasking.

  4. Hi Amy, I'm visiting for the first time and wanted to comment on this choice. I work from home throughout the week (I'm a music director at a church) as well as have rehearsals, meetings and such. I would caution against taking a job and getting "hooked" on the income. I wish I could stay home full time, and though my job doesn't require me to put the kids in any type of "othercare" it is still difficult to balance work and family. I'll pray for you over this decision! Thanks for visiting me the other day!


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