Thursday, January 4

Thursday Thirteen #12

One of the items on my List of Things to Do Before I Die is Visit all 50 states. So far I'm 84% there. My qualifications for a "visit" are that I have to actually set foot on the ground outside, so driving through a state without getting out of the car and stopovers without leaving the airport don't count. When I was in college, though, my friend Joyce and I were comparing states and she pointed out that she only counted visits by states where she's spent the night. So, in her honor, I offer:

Thirteen states I've never slept in

9·North Dakota
11·Rhode Island*
12·South Dakota

*States I've visited by my definition (for what it's worth, I've not yet visited Alaska or Hawaii by anyone's definition, but since this isn't the Thursday Fifteen, I'll just leave it at that)

States I've driven or flown through

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  1. Sounds like a noble ambition. Good luck with your goals. Everyone should sleep in a new state some time.

  2. I've never slept in any of these states either... but I've only been to America twice. New York and Wisconsin.

    Happy TT

  3. Cool ambition. I've slept in all of the ones on your list except for 6 and 7. I haven't been to Hawaii yet, so perhaps I could swap my memories of 6 and 7 for your memories of a different state?

  4. I didn't say I do those things, only that I ought to do them. Big difference. I wouldn't know a cute outfit if it walked up to me and said "hi".

  5. I'd like to visit all 50 and I'm not anywhere near your amount yet. Probably not quite half.

    But I have been to Alaska...twice.

    My 13 is up.

  6. hmmm. i'll have to rethink my map of states visited with those definitions and see what might change . . .

    of those on your list, i've slept in #3, 5, 8, and 10 - but there are lots of others that i haven't!

    happy TT!

  7. Cool post..i really want to visit vermont as well...

  8. Me neither! In fact I have only slept in Florida and Calafornia

  9. You really have to go see the Dakotas. Won't take long, though. :-)

  10. I am #9 on your list.
    I hope you get here.
    I really like the idea of only counting the ones you slept in. Most I have only driven through.
    I did get out to pump gas so I guess I did set foot in them..haha
    Have a wonderful day!

    My TT is posted


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