Thursday, January 18

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen restaurants I'd love to go to for date night tomorrow

1• Rock Bottom Brewery

2• Carrabba's Italian Grill

3• The Cheesecake Factory

4• The Old Spaghetti Factory

5• Maggiano's Little Italy

6• Cozymel's Mexican Grill

7• Tony Roma's

8• Lalo's Mexican Restaurant

9• The Melting Pot

10• Cheddar's Casual Café

11• BD's Mongolian Barbeque

12• Timber Lodge Steakhouse

13• Giordano's

Unfortunately, they're not all nearby and I'm pretty sure we don't have enough in the budget to cover dinner and an in-flight movie. Guess we'll have to stick to one close to home. It's fun to imagine, though.

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  1. I LOVE Maggianos. I first discovered it in boston, then in MI. My favorite is the vodka cream sauce gnocchi. My TT is up!

  2. Most of these I've never heard of, but I LOVE Carrabba's and the Spaghetti Factory. Maybe I just love italian food lol.

    My TT is up also.

  3. They all sound yummy, especially the Spaghetti one. I've never been to Carraba's but I've always meant to try it out

  4. Love your list!

    It's making me hungry, though!


  5. many of these I have not been to, but we just went to cheesecake factory tonight! Yum! I brought back half of my Godiva chocolate cheesecake to have for breakfast tomorrow. For me, it is tradition to breakfast on this treat.

    good TT list!
    Jenny in Ca


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