Wednesday, January 24


We've been sick here again, lately. And busy. And generally not feeling like writing much. So, I thought I'd share some highlights...

The Bears won the NFC Championship, so they're headed to the Superbowl. Woo-hoo! Between the illness and the shouting, I've not had much of a voice since Sunday.

Adam's last day at his old job is tomorrow. Yee-ha!

That's our daughter's response to pretty much any question these days, whether she knows what we're asking or not.

"Are you the world's cutest little girl?"

"Are you a slimy lizard with green scales?"

In an attempt to ward off football withdrawal, I was searching for football movies. I found 33 that sounded good, but I'd never seen. Actually, quite a few of them, I'd never heard of before. Someday, I'll post that list....

In an effort to eat better and save money, we've been cooking a lot more around here lately. I have several recipes that I'll be posting on By Hook or By Cook later. Maybe over the weekend.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. My brain's still a little fuzzy from the flu. I'm guessing that will get better soon. Otherwise, life will be disjointed for a while yet.

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  1. I totally know how you feel--I've had the flu too! Veryb weird, it's been off and on, over the past week, but worse the past two days. I hope it's on its way out--for both of us!



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