Wednesday, January 31

Frustrated and Running Out of Crib Sheets

My daughter has a new hobby. She's decided that instead of taking a nap every afternoon, she'll jump up and down in her crib until she gets bored, then start fussing in hopes I'll let her out. When I don't (I still maintain she needs a nap, since without one, she crashes hard about two hours before bedtime), she lets me know how annoyed she is by stripping off her clothes and diaper then releiving herself on the mattress.

It's reminding me of a cat I used to own. We took the cat to the no kill shelter. Unfortunately, they don't accept not quite two year olds adept at pushing their limits and their mommy's buttons.

I suggested duct tape (which I know I saw on a blog recently, if only I could remember where...), but my husband doesn't think that's the right solution.

Any ideas? I'm getting sick of changing out the crib sheets.

***Updated: Aha! Here is the post I was looking for (gotta love Google)!


  1. Why does Adam object to the duct tape solution?

    A onesie does it at our house.

    Could you try putting on music or a book on tape during nap/rest time?

  2. Hen,

    I'm not sure if he thinks it simply won't work, that she'll still just pull the diaper off or if it bothers him for some other reason. I'll have to ask him.

    Onsies do work for the most part at the moment, but she's getting better and better about wiggling out of whatever we put her in, so that may not last much longer. Adam's idea was to safety pin her clothes together, but I'd be afraid she'd manage to get the pin apart and be stabbing herself.

    Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

    We usually do run a cd of ocean waves overnight and at naptime. I like the book on tape idea. I think we also have a couple of cds of lullabies around. Maybe one of those would make a nice transition.

  3. I went with zipper p.j.'s put on backward, so they couldn't unzip it. I only had to do it for a few weeks and then they seemed to lose interest. A onsie with pants over it worked too.

    I didn't have to resort to duct tape, but my sis-in law did..the tape and the p.j's backward. Her dd is truly the wild one in the family. I have a pix of her on my blog somewhere going down the stairs at grandpa's on a boogie board.

    good luck!

  4. Does it work to put the diaper on backwards? A onesie and/or pants seems to still do the trick for Baby E.


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