Friday, January 5

Maybe This is What I Need

But I'd give her a week, tops, before she figured out how to break in and dump all my credit cards and junk out of that purse, too.


I suppose I should be grateful that at least she's only stealing money out of my purse to play with, rather than to take to the mall and spend.

Still, after finding her happily covered in lipstick already this week, I'd rather not have to take care of that all over again.

I had so hoped to skip the "terrible twos" with my children. They were all going to be perfect little angels. What happened?


  1. Hmm, I tried to post a comment and it got eaten. So I'll try again and hope it doesn't show up multiple times!

    You can take comfort in the fact that your daughter is meeting the messing-up-mom's-purse milestone right on time!


  2. "They were all going to be perfect little angels. What happened?"

    Mwa-ha-ha.... Now you can join the ranks of "real" parents who can sagely say to the young starry-eyed couples, "Just wait till you have kids!"


  3. LOL. A few months ago I lost my credit card. When I finally found it, it turned out that Baby E had taken it out of my wallet and thrown it on the floor in a store.


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