Friday, January 12

This is Your Official Notice

I just found out. How could I miss such an occassion. [breathes sigh of relief] Ahh. I didn't miss it, I'm getting this in just under the wire.

Apparently this has been Bloggetyville's De-lurking Week.

So, if you visit me here and read what I write, feel free to leave a comment.

Or, you can consider yourself a "legitimate peripheral participant" (from Let's Get More Positive About the Term 'Lurker') and continue to lurk.

Your choice.


  1. I'm only writing this because you know I was here!

  2. LOL, I love the pic!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Have a good day! :)

  3. How often does one need to read your blog to qualify as a lurker?

    Even if I read it often enough to qualify, I must say that lurking is much more fun.


  4. I'm delurking! I just found out about this last night, so I'm alittle late too, I love the pic!

    have a great week!
    Jenny in Ca

  5. Hi Amy--

    You know I visit here regularly...even if I don't comment everyday!


  6. Just visiting. Thanks for de-lurking on my blog. Sorry to disappoint you with the hay stacks. Your kind sound much better :)

  7. A week late on the de-lurking, but I am reading!

  8. Okay, that's it. I've just deleted four or five spam comments in a row. I'm closing comments on this post, folks. Feel free to delurk wherever it suits your fancy. Unless you're a spammer. In which case, just go away!