Friday, January 26

Tired but Happy

I spent a lot of today working on projects. First, I started cleaning the house again. In fact, I have to confess, the cute little comment I have beside the link to FlyLady's website "helping me keep my house clean" is really no more than wishful thinking. I made it through BabyStep #2 about four months ago. Then I stopped, and really, I haven't considered shining my sink since.

However, this morning, I did begin to tackle all the papers, yarn bits, books, dvds, and other assorted mess that makes up our living room. I am happy to report that we are now only about half as messy as we were earlier today.


The other thing I managed was to revise the registration process for the website I design. It's not really anything especially impressive, I suppose, but for me it took a lot of work, mostly of the searching through HTML and javascript internet archives, putting it together, trial and error variety.

And, can I just say...well, of course I can, it's my blog...I get really frustrated with software that's designed to think for you. Like the auto correct feature in MS Word. Sometimes, I don't want the preset correction. And website software can be even worse. Wysiwyg ("wizzy-wig" what you see is what you get) editing is not all it's cracked up to be. I'd like to suggest wycsiwyrg ("wick-see-werg"? what you can't see is what you really get). Does it make me look like too much of a geek to admit I type my blog posts in the HTML editor?

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  1. geek? no, I'm actually in awe that you can do all that.


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