Saturday, January 27

Jus' Ducky

My daughter's second birthday is fast approaching. Much faster, in fact, than I really want to consider. How did she get to be so grown up so quickly? Where does the time go?

In any case, we're having a birthday party for her in a couple of weeks. I wanted to post her wishlist for those of you who may be searching for gift ideas.

Ducky Gifts

A ducky robe, like the one here, would be great for wrapping up in after bathtime. The slippers are awfully cute, too, aren't they?

Wooden alphabet blocks, like these would be an excellent addition to the toy collection. And they're educational.

Mittens are great fun and stuffed animals make wonderful pets. What better way to combine these passions than with a kid-sized puppet, like the one featured here? Oh, boo hiss! They don't sell it anymore. Now you'll have to find it on your own. Good luck.

Toys that fit inside one another are such a joy. Like these bowls. Wouldn't they be great to set up and knock down and put together and take apart over and over and over again?

It's not quite warm enough to be outside with wheels yet, but the hardwood floors inside (especially the long hallway) offer intriguing possibilities for indoor riding. This looks like it could be a perfect first tricycle. PURCHASED

Painting is a brand new idea. With supplies like these, it's a sure bet to catch on quickly, without making too much mess to clean up once the masterpiece has been completed.

We're just beginning to work with numbers and letters. With help from friends like these, could learning get any better?

Stacking and colors and wheels, oh my! There are just so many options when playing with this sort of toy.

Being a toddler makes so much energy! Dancing to music is a fun way to rechannel some of it before naptime. A dvd like this one could be very useful.

I hope this has sparked some good gift ideas.

There is a particular gift I'd like to ask everyone not to get, though, because her daddy and I have already chosen this book to fit into the theme of the party.



  1. The tricycle is the bomb! My youngest daughter has one just like that and loves it. I'm sure yours would too.

  2. Ruth, thank you. I'm not sure she's really old enough to understand the whole "birthday" concept yet, but she will get that all of our friends are coming over and she'll be the center of attention.

    Moody, I'm glad you approve of the tricycle. :) I thought it looked nice in the picture, although I've not checked in out in the store. Nice to hear a good review of it!


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