Sunday, March 22


I have this theory that I can crochet socks. It's probably inspired by a book I got for my birthday, aptly named You Can Crochet Socks. Except, darned if I can't (no pun intended).

I've started at least three of the patterns, but either I'm reading them wrong or they weren't written very well in the first place because I have yet to turn out an actual wearable sock, much less a pair of them. Meanwhile, my feet have been cold all winter.

Maybe I should just suck it up and try knitting again. Knitting just seems so much less forgiving than crochet. If I make an error while I'm crocheting, I'll just rip out a row or two and fix my mistake. Knitting doesn't work that way, though. I have been reading about this technique where you knit two socks at once ... that could be useful.

Anybody else go from crochet to knitting? Any tips?


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